Southbound and Down: Don’t Panic!

I did it. Well, almost, I’m not quite done. I’ve moved from the United States halfway across the world to New Zealand, and I’m in Auckland for a few days before I begin the final leg of my journey down to Whanganui.

View from Waitakere in Auckland

The last several weeks have been frantic. I’ve quit my job, sold or donated or thrown away just about everything in my house, painted and cleaned within an inch of my life, packed my cats off for their separate journey to New Zealand, sold my car, had many sad goodbyes, and, finally, stepped on to the plane taking me away from Baltimore.

The bonus of being so busy the last few weeks has been that I’ve barely had time to panic about my decision to upend my life and move to a country I’ve only visited a handful of times. Now that I’m in New Zealand, the logistics of getting a new SIM card for my phone, buying a car and figuring out how to get insurance, and other life details like opening a new bank account have still allowed me to focus on the details of the move instead of the greater idea of the move. And worrying about how my cats are doing in quarantine. (Reports are good so far.) Oh, and selling my house in Baltimore while I’m here in New Zealand, no biggie.

While I wait for the cats’ quarantine to be over, I’ll relax and take a swim at an Auckland beach.

Bethells Beach. Beautiful but not relaxing.

Okay, maybe a walk along the beach will be less terrifying. A walk sounds nice.

I’m test driving a car tomorrow, hopefully by the next post I’ll have a new (to me) set of wheels. Wish me luck!

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